About Us

Loyola International School under the management of New Loyola Model Education Society is an organization in the true spirit of ‘Education with Dedication’ for over 35 years. It is equipped to manage and enhance high standards of students’ performance in their all round academics.

The Activity Oriented Education goes on to expand thinking ability and problem solving skills of the child. We call it the AOE program which is part of the curriculum.

The school follows a skill based development program enhancing the talent of your child. Time and effort is invested in each and every student to enhance their educational background and skills. At Loyola International School Doha, we are dedicated to making sure your child not only receives the best education, but also a school life that encourages them to become a confident, open-minded person.It continuously works on innovative teaching-learning methodologies by devising students’ friendly and students’ centered systems.Parents are continuously encouraged to engage in interactive sessions with the academic staff to monitor the progress of their child and to have a healthy parent child growth process.

Children learn to solve problems through teamwork. The classroom sessions are designed to generate inter-disciplinary knowledge through interactive sessions by creating opportunities for them to have a well rounded development. In today’s technology driven knowledge era, the above mentioned components are integral to the holistic development of children. Teachers atLoyola International School are facilitators in the true sense as they model and coach the childrento draw out their best potential.

A conducive, positive environment brings in sensitive, self motivated and goal oriented students who are proud of what and how they are. It opens the window for children to the outside world through field trips, activity sessions, and open forums so that children become receptive, responsive and responsible for their actions.

The examination and evaluation processes are dynamic to keep pace with the changing trends of research in education.