Learn to Live & Live to Learn

School Curriculum

Loyola International School follows the CBSE curriculum which is designed and developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi, India, and prepares students for the All India CBSE Secondary Schools Examination at age 16 – end of grade 10 – and All India Senior School Certificate Examination at age 18 – end of grade 12. The school aims at an education that is person-oriented, professional, social and culture-related. Students also study Physical Education, to ensure that they follow a healthy and active lifestyle. It imparts education with an international outlook. The curriculum of the school is organized in a way that children are stimulated, encouraged and challenged to develop their potential and personality to their fullest.

House system

A House is an institution by itself, within an institution”. To inspire a healthy sense of competition, students and teachers of Loyola International School have been allocated one of the four houses, which symbolize the school’s Motto, “Listen, Learn, Lead”. Each house is headed by a ‘House Co-ordinator’, ‘House Master’, ‘Team Members’ and ‘House Captains’. Each house has a specific name, color, and motto. Houses compete with each other and try to excel in different arenas to make their house win. At the end of every academic year, a winning house is declared and felicitated.

The aim of starting the house system in school is to:

  • Prepare pupils to play different kinds of roles.
  • Develop the child’s personality and integrity.
  • Develop the spirit of healthy competition amongst children.
  • Inculcate in the child, respect for seniors and a caring attitude towards juniors.

Diamond House

Strive to Raise and Shine on

Emerald House

Spirit in Hope, Teamwork and Harmony

Ruby House

Self Resilient, Spreading Joy and Peace

Sapphire House

Strive to Excel, Trust and faith