Chairman’s Profile

Sri R.Venkat Rao

Loyola International School (LIS) belongs to New Loyola Model Education Society, India which was started by a team of experienced academicians back in 1979. The founder Chairman Mr. R.Venkat Rao is a dynamic personality who has relentlessly striven through every precious moment of his life for the cause of education. He is the guiding force behind all the institutions of the society. Sri Rangineni Venkat Rao, has put all his thoughts into action. He firmly believes that education is not just to make a comfortable living but it has a bigger and more meaningful role to life at large. He envisions a day where men and women will possess super intelligence and lead an enriched life.

Sri R. V Rao who is an educationalist himself, believes in serving all communities by fostering an environment that encourages the students, faculty and staff to explore possibilities and challenge the limits of our world.

The following institutions were started by him:

In 1979 – Loyola Model High School (Primary wing)
In 1980 – Loyola Model High Schools (Secondary wing)
In 1988 – Loyola Model Junior College
In 1990 – Loyola Model Degree College
In 1991 – Loyola Model PG College
In 1992 – Loyola Montessori Schools (CBSE)
In 1993 – Loyola Law College
In 1997 – Sri Indu College of Education (B.Ed)
In 2001 – Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology
In 2001 – Sri Indu PG College ( MBA and MCA)
In 2003 – Sri Indu Inst. Of Management ( MBA and MCA)
In 2004 – Sri Indu Institute of Pharmacy
In 2006 – RVR Institute of Engineering anf Technology
In 2007 – RVR Institute of Management
In 2014 – Loyola International School, Doha, Qatar

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