Mission & Vision

‘The secret of success and happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one does’.


Our Students:

  • To empower every child with academic excellence and personality development as a priority
  • To create an active and enthusiastic learner
  • To build self confidence and positive thinking
  • To establish appropriate communication skills
  • To develop human and moral values
  • To promote intellectual and personal development.
  • To impart value oriented education

Through the above goals we aim to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and global knowledge.

Our Staff:

  • To encourage teaching staff to evolve along with students learning modern teaching technology
  • To provide audio visual aids to improve the learning process
  • To provide our teaching & non-teaching staff with a healthy working environment.

Our Parents:

  • To have regular interaction with parents discussing their Child’s performance
  • To involve parents in the child’s development by organizing events on a regular basis in the fields of education, fine arts etc.


“To be a premier institution in field of education by empowering every child with academic excellence and personality development as a priority by imparting value oriented education, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and global knowledge.”


  • To provide top class education through modern learning techniques.
  • To improve communication skills – with peers and elders
  • To develop a realistic and positive self-image inculcating confidence.
  • To induce team spirit
  • To develop innovative & creative thinking
  • Strong Parental Involvement and Partnership Activities


Upon graduation, Loyola International School’s (L.I.S) students will be academically strong, responsible citizens, confident individuals and agents of social change in a rapidly growing society.

Loyola International School’s (L.I.S) core aim is to attain this success through innovation, inclusion, and accountability.