Our partnership with you,is not just about providing teaching your child, but it is strongly built around the values of imparting “Knowledge”, inspiring “Thought” and establishing “Creativity in education, sport and fine arts” in a world-class campus at a global level. They will achieve academic success, leadership skills and a social grace that will empower them to inspire others.

We offer…

Highest Academic Standards:

We are new to Qatar but part of a Group of Institutions that have been developed and strengthened over a long time with 7 full-fledged schools as well as 2 Universities and Post Graduate Colleges alongside 3 High Schools established with an excellent record of academic success in India. We follow the principle of Learning with Fun to create curiosity, energy and enthusiasm in your child.

Activity Oriented Learning

Our unique Activity based Learning approach recognizes your child as an individual. It redefines our understanding of success and inspires every child to be intellectually and socially confident as well as reaching the highest standards of academic success.

A Global Outlook

Deserving of the title “International school” by uniting your child with information, content and knowledge from world-class publishers through an extensive selection process and global learning program. Through this they will always be mindful and connected with the way the World is shaping up.

360-Degree Development

We at LISD, aim at delivering quality education with a 360 Degree focus on the three most important facets of Human Life: Mind, Body & Soul. We at LISD believe in a simple approach “if your child is not having fun at what he/she is doing, then they will not learn or benefit”, and this is why we strongly side by the basics of Learning, Working & having a good amount of recreational, extra-curricular and entertaining activities woven into their daily life at the school with a proper balance of education inscribed into the syllabus.

State of the Art Campus

After extensive research into the local laws, areas and available properties, we at LISD have chosen this well-built, lush green vast campus that covers a total of 5200 sqm and provides your child with multiple avenues of development, sport, education & much more… It is truly a “place to feel connected with your mind, body and soul”

A Welcoming and Community Focused Approach

Behaving as a community in every way by encouraging and embracing the involvement of parents, the school promises to build a social hub for the school community.